Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dead animals and new babies

The upstairs office of our house smells like a dead animal in a steam room. I'm laughing as I type, thank god, but it seriously does. With these old houses built on the edge of the woods, I guess we can only expect as much - a dead mouse here and there, but it smells like there might be a moose up there somewhere. 

Anyway. I should have started with something more along the lines of the story of a blissful birth of our newest son - Maximilian Russell Brown, born 8/24/2011 at 9:02am. 8lbs 4 oz. (I hesitated at the time... first kids, I remembered for at least a year. Fourth kid, I remembered without a doubt for at least a week. Now I question his weight and the time). 

Ellie loves this kid. She thinks he's hers. I was just the surrogate, without the fee. I could post 57 pictures of her holding him, all with her little gaze, looking down on him. 

Henry thinks he's slightly more interesting than a table, definitely less interesting than his ball collection. He hasn't shown any outward signs of major jealousy, e.g., flipping him over in his bouncy seat as a friend's little guy did on the arrival of his twin baby brother and sister, or trying to throw him off the back deck. My tomatoes are another story, unfortunately. I thought he was throwing his ball, but turns out it was a bunch of our BEAUTIFUL tomatoes, crashing down two stories to the hot tub cover below.

Quinn is also pretty doting. He has been bringing him blankets and pacifiers (though Max is NOT having any of that), holding him, and hugging. Considering he asked that we donate Henry to any willing recipient for the first year of his life, I think we're off to a good start. 

So far, I would also say that having four kids four and under is vaguely easier than having three kids under two, which was our story before. E&Q can reason a little bit better (notwithstanding tonight's bedtime shenanigans, which are driving me CRAZY). Now don't get me wrong - when I say it's easier, by no means do I mean it's easy, because it is HARD. I am so TIRED. I can barely function.  So on that note, I will post a few photos, and continue when I am slightly more rested. Like in three years. 

And then there were six.