Friday, June 10, 2011

Minivans, new babies and pee on the floor

The first thing I googled when I found out I was pregnant with this latest kid was "honda odyssey four car seats." Because I am NOT ready to buy a new car. Now I'm googling "closet turned into nursery" - which is exactly what I plan on doing for Max (?). You would be surprised how many links I came up with. Most were couples on their first child in a small space. Because really (besides my friends Sarah and Marisa) - who on EARTH has four kids these days? I kind of felt like three was the new two, but four - hold the phone. Four gets all sorts of comments. Not like I didn't get them already with EQ&H being so close in age. But now that my previously two-bedroom uterus has expanded to a full 7+ months pregnant, and I am chasing after a 30lb toddler and two preschoolers - people just stare and ask if they are all mine.

A couple of fave comments from strangers on twindom:
"Are you sure they're twins? She's so much taller."
"Did you use any special positions to get pregnant with twins?"
"Are you worried their umbilical cords will get wrapped around their necks at birth?"
"What kind of fertility treatments do you use?" (none, actually. We've just been extremely lucky. And extremely fertile.)

Anyway - back to the lack of impulse control four year olds. Here were today's highlights:

He peed on the living room floor "because Henry told him to." Now let's get this straight - Henry has about 20 words - not a big talker. One of his latest happens to be "pee". Apparently Henry said "pee", so Quinn followed through.

He picked up the only pair of Henry's shoes that I could find after a 30 minute search, and hurled them into our garden - a deep pocket of ferns, azaleas, euphorbia and all sorts of ground cover. I didn't see where he threw them, so an additional 10 minutes were spent searching a second time.

That is 40 minutes of shoe searching and 10 minutes of cleaning up pee and the floor. I can think of about 63 other ways I would like to have spent that 50 minutes. Nesting, organizing, playing legos, getting a pedicure, eating a bowl of granola, reading a magazine to name just a few.

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