Monday, March 7, 2011

Odds and Ends.

It's been awhile, my FOUR followers.

Two quotes of the day.

Between Ellie and Quinn, after she stole his non-working laptop, then relinquished it after thirty seconds of making him sufficiently angry and upset:

Q: I don't love you anymore! (yelling)
E: But what about earlier when you promised to love me for years and years and years?! (talking with hands, yelling back)

Quinn, to me, after I lost it and yelled at them for Quinn stealing Ellie's duck, and Ellie for screaming as though she had been stabbed, and for throwing every stuffed animal they own and a whole bag of too small clothes, piece by piece, down the stairs, while I tried to clean up the dishes from dinner.

Me: I'm sorry that I yelled, but it makes mommy so frustrated when you fight like that, and when I ask you to stop throwing things and you don't listen.
Q: It makes ME frustrated when you yell at me for not picking up my things!


I love these kids. I spent a good percentage of my time at parent helping today on hall duty, reading "Positive Discipline for Preschoolers", and I really want to follow it, live it and breathe it. I really do. Chris went to a positive parenting class at preschool a couple of weeks ago, and is also ready to embrace a consistent approach. I just need to figure out a way to make it happen. I laughed at the part about making sure to have constant close supervision - it feels impossible. And I would love to hear from other moms of three at three and under, or similar, how they do what we do every day: make breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, get laundry done, clean up the pretzel bits, corn, noodles and spilled milk, prevent gross injury or death to the general household population, grocery shop, take a shower (not daily), give baths (not daily), have FUN with the kids, and have some personal time, too. All while guiding my kids to make positive choices about where to hang their coat, put their shoes, not to dump the snack on the couch, not to climb into the medicine cabinet to get down a bottle of shampoo to squirt on the rug, or get Q-tips to put god knows where. To not take the heating vents out of of the ducts, and to not throw anything down the laundry chute that you want retrieved anytime soon. It feels like a LOT. And that's when I get frustrated.

Being pregnant with a fourth child is NOT helping, by the way. At least I'm not throwing up anymore. I don't remember having to pee every 52 seconds this early in either of the other pregnancies, though. And I am 16 weeks and look seriously more like 6 months. One of E&Q's classmates came up and asked, "Mrs. Brown, can I ask you a question?" Of course. "Why is your tummy getting so much fatter?"

Good thing I am pregnant. GOOD thing.


  1. Okay darlin'
    Here it is- the next 4 years are going to be hard. This is the time to buy paper plates, make crock pot meals, and use the grocery store "shop at home" feature. You clean the kitchen while they eat, and eat while they play. You get a housekeeper in once a month if it means that you feed those precious children mac n'cheese for a week to find the $$. Use gates. To divide almost every room. It's not forever and it will keep you sane. Migrating the children from one room to the next while you do something and knowing where they are, is HUGE. Make simple meals. I know a couple of Moms that have 3 & 4 that only cook 1 day a month. Do not beat your self up if you do not go to a museum, park, library every day of the week. Oh and count. A lot- make sure you always have them! :D
    E & Q are old enough to run a stick vacuum around the kitchen and wipe tables with vinegar & h2o. (we bought one for under $1 at WM for our kids- no kid touches my Dyson!)They will feel good about themselves and it is AMAZING how much that little bit helps. I am just coming out of this madness with only 2. I can cook more and they help-they pick up their toys, feed the dogs, dress themselves, lay out their clothes, etc. When you finally reach the end of the tunnel, it's a bright shiny world. Just know- it's going to be hectic for a while. :)

  2. hey... i'm struggling with just the 1! i hired a student to come in and help with dishes/laundry once a week. that has made me a whole lot saner. and i agree that it's frustrating to try and get through EVERY. SINGLE. THING. and then still have a happy face on. sometimes i yell at tabor. and then i feel really bad about it.

    but we're moms. we're not perfect. and you, my dear friend, are doing a WONDERFUL job with those kids. they are so lucky.