Thursday, October 14, 2010

Odds and Ends.

Things that have recently been thrown over the railing of our deck, down 2 stories.

1. Hummingbird Garden sculpture
2. Kids bear shaped baking dish
3. Long metal stake for hummingbird garden sculpture
4. 3 hotwheels cars
5. Bottle cap (oddly, Henry was most
upset about not being able to retrieve that one)
6. pirate sword
7. yellow Big Bird shovel
8. watering can

I am always 2 seconds too late. Henry is equally surprised each time and looks out over the side, saying "Bah??" Bah??" and pointing, begging me (with eyes alone) to go down and retrieve what he has thrown to the thorn filled blackberry bushes below. I have not yet obliged his requests, so the pile continues to grow.

Things I have recently found in the pile at the bottom of the laundry chute.

1. Not surprisingly, about 649 loads of laundry
2. a half eaten plum
3. the spatula I searched five minutes for last night
4. one flip flop, a clog and a leopard print heel
5. flashlight
6. toilet plunger

(the last two I actually heard go down, and wondered if one of the children had gone down with it)

Google searches I have recently done.

1. How to make Peter Pan hats
2. Jennifer Grey Nose Job
3. 16 month old sleep schedule
4. recipes for ground beef
5. princess coloring pages
6. apple picking portland
7. recipe for flubber
8. fitday

I love google. Or Bing. Or Yahoo. Or whatever search engine is handy. I can find anything. ANYTHING! You can tell a lot about what's going on in a person's life by looking at their googling history.

- Photos are of Ellie, Quinn and Henry all at age 17 months.

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