Thursday, October 14, 2010

Odds and Ends.

Things that have recently been thrown over the railing of our deck, down 2 stories.

1. Hummingbird Garden sculpture
2. Kids bear shaped baking dish
3. Long metal stake for hummingbird garden sculpture
4. 3 hotwheels cars
5. Bottle cap (oddly, Henry was most
upset about not being able to retrieve that one)
6. pirate sword
7. yellow Big Bird shovel
8. watering can

I am always 2 seconds too late. Henry is equally surprised each time and looks out over the side, saying "Bah??" Bah??" and pointing, begging me (with eyes alone) to go down and retrieve what he has thrown to the thorn filled blackberry bushes below. I have not yet obliged his requests, so the pile continues to grow.

Things I have recently found in the pile at the bottom of the laundry chute.

1. Not surprisingly, about 649 loads of laundry
2. a half eaten plum
3. the spatula I searched five minutes for last night
4. one flip flop, a clog and a leopard print heel
5. flashlight
6. toilet plunger

(the last two I actually heard go down, and wondered if one of the children had gone down with it)

Google searches I have recently done.

1. How to make Peter Pan hats
2. Jennifer Grey Nose Job
3. 16 month old sleep schedule
4. recipes for ground beef
5. princess coloring pages
6. apple picking portland
7. recipe for flubber
8. fitday

I love google. Or Bing. Or Yahoo. Or whatever search engine is handy. I can find anything. ANYTHING! You can tell a lot about what's going on in a person's life by looking at their googling history.

- Photos are of Ellie, Quinn and Henry all at age 17 months.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Princesses. Cars.

Holy SHIT. Today was a long day. Some days just fly by, and some days are spent assuring a very worried daughter that the candles in our pumpkin are not going to burn our house down nor will the matches on the mantle will not spontaneously burst into flame (fire station month at preschool). And preventing the 16 month old from drawing blood out of other toddler's faces at the neighborhood library program, while making apologies to all the other mildly horrified mothers. Or cleaning up the pee from the clean laundry that he dumped from mini potty we have downstairs (because we don't have a bathroom on the main floor. I never thought not having a bathroom there would matter that much. Until we potty trained two children at the same time. It matters). AND reminding the WILDMAN that the only thing that should be going in the toilet - mini or regular - is POOP and PEE. Not paper towel rolls. Not baby Henry's favorite, most adored, coveted giraffe-y. Not pirate telescopes. I think 76% of my daily routine centers around bodily excretions, what to do with them and what not to do with them. The other portion, when I'm not making Peter Pan hats, is spent preparing what will later become bodily excretions. I hadn't thought about it that way before. Anyway.

All that said, Ellie, Quinn and I did have a fun adventure to Target after preschool: new lunch boxes all around. Cars for him. Princesses for her. How did I go from the parent who wouldn't let her pre 2.5 year olds be in the same room with a television on to buying Disney princess lunch boxes and sipping blue raspberry slurpees at the Target snack bar? And thinking it was a good idea? As a fellow preschool mom said, "Seeing your kids happy is like heroine. You'll do anything to make it happen." Finding the balance between bringing them a little material joy and instilling a good values system in regards to materialism is a tough one. We don't buy them stuff all the time (or so I think), and we make lots of things, recycle art projects, etc. Ellie looked at me with wide eyes the other day after looking at a catalog and said, "We can BUY these things?" She had, until then, thought catalogs were just magazines with pictures in them. Ah, how quickly innocence is lost.

Anyway. I think about that a lot - the part about who am I? What am I doing? How did I go from what I was to what I am now - from what I gather, it's a very common topic among mothers. I better go back to Bhuddism for Mothers and find my answer. More on that later.

We watched "Date Night" last night (Tina Fey/Steve Carrell). Totally entertaining. Totally implausible, but totally laugh out loud funny. If you've ever had a discussion with your spouse, with your nightguard already in, about whether or not you feel like sex, you will appreciate this movie.

Also, I started this post a couple days ago, so it's not exactly timed with the photos.