Friday, June 4, 2010


7:00/7:26/7:45 - Henry is power nursing
8:00 - doors locked, Ellie and Quinn happily planted in front of Wall-E so I can nurse Henry to sleep
8:24 pm - Quinn melting down because he accidentally bit his finger while eating nuts, throwing bowl at Ellie, who then eats all his nuts and raisins and stores them in her cheek, refusing to give them back. Hitting and fighting ensue.
8:28 - refusing to brush teeth. Quinn's get done, but not easily. "I think I'll skip tonight," says Ellie. She gets a moderate quick brush, before she clamps up tight.
8:31 - Quinn is asleep as his head hits the pillow (skipped his nap today)
8:48 - I hear things being dropped out of Ellie's crib
8:50 - Whimpering...Mommy!!!! Tuck, pat, restart lullabies
9:04 - "My teeth! Mommy! My teeth! We didn't do the backs of my teeth - they are going to get holes in them!" (my own threat has backfired). Teeth rebrushed, lullabies restarted.
9:32 - "My tummy is still hungry! The side that doesn't have the dinner in it is empty!"
9:49 - surfing Tivo, glass of wine at the ready, seems to be quiet.

I should expect nothing less from the daughter who at 21 months was yelling, "need hummus! need hummus!" from her crib at bedtime.

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