Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm not sure if I was more upset that Quinn intentionally dumped my coffee over this morning with a xylophone stick or that it was the last cup of coffee without having to brew more. We had a good day, full of fun and trying moments. Kind of a typical day.

Ellie spent most of the early morning and late afternoon walking around with a tupperware 'bucket', a broom and a wet washcloth asking me if she could go to the ball after she cleaned the fireplace, wiped the windows and swept the carpets. I (her wicked stepmother) let her go once she had sufficiently swished the ashes in the fireplace around and streaked the windows and TV with a wet washcloth. "But I didn't even get your name...", she said wistfully. Ah, where dreams of perfect romance begin.

Quinn spent most of his day turning his imaginary purple Lexus from a car into an airplane, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and making legos into street sweepers, limousines, pickup trucks and snowplows.

It's amazing how innate the whole princesspurplepinkandsparklyromancelovekissing and carplanesiamgoingtoknockyouover differences are. Having boy and girl siblings, especially twins experiencing developmental milestones around the same time, is so interesting. Of course they are individuals - I know that, different kids, different interests, blah, blah. I know. When we were watching another segment of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tonight, there was a kissing scene between Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howe (yes, I had to look that up - I almost thought it was Julie Andrews - how embarrassing for me). Dick and Sally kissed, then climbed into Chitty Chitty; Ellie looked all googley eyed while Quinn said, 'Who's going to drive it?'

We thought it was funny.

Henry took a bunch of steps tonight - he'll be walking in another week, I think. I mean really walking. Not just taking a few steps here and there, which he has been doing for about a month. I've been wanting him to walk - and move from two naps to one, but today he showed some clear signs of both, and now I'm not so sure. I think I'd like the crawling, twice napping version of Henry a little while longer, if you please.

What else? You can see the floors in several rooms of our house. That, of course, means that there is now more square footage for the ants to crawl on, which I'm sure thrills them to no end, but it also means that it looks like we have even a little bit of our act together. Fewer toys, moved toys, more organized toys. More laundry done and put away. Fewer clothes on the floor. Fewer pretzels in the couch cushions and under the rug.

A good day, indeed.

Friday, June 4, 2010


7:00/7:26/7:45 - Henry is power nursing
8:00 - doors locked, Ellie and Quinn happily planted in front of Wall-E so I can nurse Henry to sleep
8:24 pm - Quinn melting down because he accidentally bit his finger while eating nuts, throwing bowl at Ellie, who then eats all his nuts and raisins and stores them in her cheek, refusing to give them back. Hitting and fighting ensue.
8:28 - refusing to brush teeth. Quinn's get done, but not easily. "I think I'll skip tonight," says Ellie. She gets a moderate quick brush, before she clamps up tight.
8:31 - Quinn is asleep as his head hits the pillow (skipped his nap today)
8:48 - I hear things being dropped out of Ellie's crib
8:50 - Whimpering...Mommy!!!! Tuck, pat, restart lullabies
9:04 - "My teeth! Mommy! My teeth! We didn't do the backs of my teeth - they are going to get holes in them!" (my own threat has backfired). Teeth rebrushed, lullabies restarted.
9:32 - "My tummy is still hungry! The side that doesn't have the dinner in it is empty!"
9:49 - surfing Tivo, glass of wine at the ready, seems to be quiet.

I should expect nothing less from the daughter who at 21 months was yelling, "need hummus! need hummus!" from her crib at bedtime.