Monday, February 22, 2010

Get it goin'

Being a family of five, three of whom are under three, leaves little time for blogging. Or anything, really. I don't know how moms do this around the world. I really don't. Between breakfast, adventure outings, snacks, lunches, napping (or not napping, as the case may be), dinners, dishes and laundry, I find it nearly impossible to fit in birthday parties, dinners with friends, date night, showers. Maybe if I fit in more showers, I'd have more date nights.

We've been sick for a week with some sort of throatcoughrunnynoseexhaustion disease, and 8 eyes in the family have been afflicted with pink eye. I have commented several times to the kids that their eyes are gunky, which led to Quinn chasing Ellie around the house tonight, yelling at decibel 9, "You're gunky!" to which she would respond with a fake tear and shrill scream, "Mommy! Daddy! Quinn says I'm gunky!" And then it would switch. She would chase him and call him gunky, and he would try to grab her shirt and pull her to the ground. More shrill screaming. As someone said to me recently in great wisdom, "It's okay...believe it or not, they're actually bonding."

I want to find more time in the day. I really do. I want to have more energy to enjoy every second of the day - or at least most seconds. I was reading in one of my Bhudda books that if the only time I feel like I can relax is when all three kids are away or sleeping, my relaxing time will be less than 10 minutes a day. Or sometimes not at all. So I need to work on relaxing with the kids. Sidebar: Chris just came down and gave me the report, "Ellie pooped." Do you realize how much time we talk about the bowel movements of our children? Again, I think we would probably have more date nights if we worked on that a little. More showers. Less poop.

Anyway. I love these kids. I love my husband. I love my family. I am thankful for all we have. I need to relax more. I need to find my project. My "what am I doing on this earth that will make an impact?" project. Saving the honeybees? I've got to think about it.

In the meantime, a couple comical anecdotes:

The other night while getting ready for bed, Chris said he was going to work on their bedtime snack. Ellie said, "Yeah, Dad. Get it goin'." Funnier then, maybe. But still funny.

A couple weeks ago, I took Ellie and Quinn with me to sign some paperwork downtown, and I took advantage of the office's proximity to Nordstrom to return a few things. We walked in, overlooking women's shoes and the makeup area and Quinn stood at the top of the stairs and said, "It's... beautiful." And then proceeded to yank 28 sweaters off a rack and chase Ellie in circles until I could get the stuff returned and get out of there. Quick.

Oh! Comical, no, but important. Henry is crawling!

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