Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are you talking to me?

So there I was at the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, for you non-Oregonians) Science Playground this morning, with my dear husband, the three beans, my sister in law and my eight year old nephew. My naked toes were being buried in the sandbox by Quinn while I nursed a very tired Henry, with kind of a dazed look about me, I would imagine (there seems to be a lingering daze, which I'm sure will dissipate with time). I chatted casually with two dads and their 2.5-ish year olds about diggers, backhoes, and twin tankers while I nursed the little man.

Anyway. Henry was done. Done nursing. Done with OMSI. Done being awake. So burp, burp, burp. I rally Quinn, and out we step, still smiling from the feeling of cool sand between my toes and having a quiet minute with my two boys.


"That is DISGUSTING. You should have a blanket over yourself. You are offending me and with all these children around!! That is DISGUSTING!"

Whaaaa?? I'm sorry, what? Seriously? I looked around to see if she was, in fact, talking to me.

"That is OFFENSIVE! You should be covering yourself - with all these children around!! THAT'S DISGUSTING!"

Much too calmly, I said, "I'm sorry you're offended. Did you not breastfeed your children?"

Really irate, now... "I'm a GRANDMOTHER!!!"

"Then you must have had children. Did you not breastfeed them?"

No response.

Fortunately, in good Portland fashion, four individual women donned their breastfeeding superhero capes and jumped to my defense; one seemed even more shocked and offended than I was, while the other three said they breastfed their children, too - in church, on planes, at restaurants, and shut the woman down. The one more offended than I said something to the effect of, "This is most natural and beautiful thing a woman can give her child! YOU are disgusting!"

I am still a little shocked; I've never had anyone comment so negatively about breastfeeding in public. It wasn't like I was offering my boob to other kids or anything. And none of the three beans have liked having a blanket over their heads when nursing. I wouldn't want a blanket over my head at dinner, either.

Anyway - if you're breastfeeding in Portland, watch out for a middle-aged meaney pants wearing acid washed mom jeans yelling DISGUSTING! DISGUSTING! DISGUSTING! (I think she's friends with Dora). If you run into her, I'll grab my cape and come to your rescue.

PS - Sending good vibes to the four breastfeeding superheroes at OMSI today. Thank you.


  1. "i wouldn't want a blanket over my head at dinner, either."

    favorite quote. glad those superheros came to the rescue... i'll keep an eye out for meaney pants!

  2. Oh my god, I've never had someone say anything like that to me, esp. in Portland. That must have been QUITE a shock. Glad she's not my kids' grandmother! You were calmer than I would have been. - Kinnari