Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knowing me, Knowing you

So most moms are eventually able to decipher all the various cries of their baby. Now that Ellie and Quinn are all grown up at 2.5 and talk and demand and yell, they cry less, but I can tell from a long way away if either of them are actually hurt, or if someone has just thrown the other's toy in the toilet. When trying to get attention, Ellie will cry her fakey cry and if I don't respond, walk into the room I'm in, look at me, cry louder with slightly more emphasis, and then go back to the room she was in, often laying herself gently down on the floor, waiting for me to tend to her.

I keep encouraging Henry to work on speaking, because I like talking much better than crying, but until then, I'm continuing to work on understanding his cries. His "I'm a little hungry" cry is a bit of a whimper, like look at me! look at me! I might start really crying if you don't do something! His "I'm tired" cry is kind of like his I'm a little hungry cry, except he rubs his eyes, and looks like a crazed deer in headlights if he's really overtired.

Today, I went through my checklist. Hungry, no. Tired, yes, but refusing to stay sleeping. Burped, yes. Too hot? Too cold? Have a small piece of very pointy hay stuck to your junk? That was it. Too bad it took me two cut short naps to figure that one out. Apparently a little hay snuck in there when Chris changed his diaper on a hay-covered blanket in the car while we were at McMenamins for lunch. I felt terrible, kind of like the time he had a very pointy pine cone bit stuck in his back, under his shirt, and I just thought he didn't want to be in his carseat. Um, worst mother of the year award?

Bottom line (at least according to Henry): having a sharp pinecone gouge into your back is more uncomfortable than a pointy piece of hay stuck to a testicle, though the latter can certainly interrupt a nap.

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