Wednesday, September 2, 2009

two poops on a rug

Poor bean #1. Quinn, my firstborn by two minutes, just isn't getting the whole poop (or pee, for that matter) on the potty thing quite yet. You get a sticker for trying and an m&m for going; Quinn is stuck in the sticker stage. Not one m&m to his name. (ok, so we've only been doing it religiously for three days) Anyway, he shocked himself tonight, after asking several of his matchbox cars, 'Cars, do you need to go potty?', by pooping on the living room rug. Twice. The first time, he stood up, looking totally surprised, and exclaimed with wide eyes, 'What is DAT? I... NEED.... MY... PACI!' and burst into tears. Kid, you just took a shit on the floor. What do you think it is? The second time, about five minutes later, he pooed the rest of it while playing with his parking garage. This time, barely a side glance, and he suggested I should take it up to the potty to flush, No, he didn't want to come, then had a fit that I'd taken it to flush because he wanted to flush. (yes, I know you're wondering why he was still naked after the first one. I honestly don't remember, and it was only a few hours ago, but I think I might have been nursing #3. I figured he wouldn't do it again after the shock and horror of the first one)

So today we had a poop and two pees in the potty from bean #2. And two poops on the rug.

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