Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a quick weekend getaway

Sweet jesus. Getting out of the house for a weekend is such is a freaking feat with three kids, even when I have someone helping me. It makes me CRAZY. Dino, bear, fishy, froggy, car blankets (2), blue blanket, pink blanket, dolly with rasta hair, naked baby doll who is not permitted to wear clothes (some bizarre manifestation of Ellie wanting to be naked all the time, I think), baby who giggles the most annoying giggle you’ve ever heard in your entire life (even more annoying at 3 am, I would imagine Chris would agree, when someone has rolled over on it on the queen sized air mattress that is being shared with an adult and two 32 lb mini humans, though not so mini when you’re sharing said air mattress), ipods, ipod speaker docks for going to sleep music and white noise, baby monitor, baby monitor base, baby monitor charger, Sleepy Cadillac book, toothbrushes, toothpaste. And that’s just so we can get the little buggers to bed. Not to sleep, mind you... but at least into bed.

Then there’s the food, the snacks, the shoes, the raincoats, the sweaters, the jackets, the Car Race pull-ups, the pink princess pull-ups, the size 2 Swaddlers. The big kid pacis, the baby pacis, the mini tennis rackets, the grown up tennis rackets, bathing suits, suntan lotion, sunhats, bouncy seat, baby playmat, the 548 outfits that we will need to have all three kids make it through the potential rain, sun and dumped bowl of soup or flung ketchup that will inevitably get on someone or everyone at least once a meal.

Shit, I think I forgot the Sleepy Cadillac book - why did I just remember that? Because we just drove by an RV with a goddamn antique Cadillac on it’s trailer. Seriously, what are the chances of that? You don’t believe me? Ask Quinn. He’ll tell you all weekend. We saw Sleepy Cadillac on a camper. Where’s Sleepy Cadillac, Mommy? I managed to pack the 927 other things that we need. And I forgot Sleepy Cadillac.

I need a beer. And a copy of Sleepy Cadillac.

post script - I also forgot coffee. Life could be over as we know it.

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