Thursday, September 3, 2009


So today was one of those days that I was totally all over the place. I kept thinking of things I wanted to blog about, and then boom, someone needed a boob, a juice, a snack, a clean pull up, a.. something. And woo - out of my brain it went.

I managed a trip to Costco this afternoon to stock up on a few essentials (5 lb bag of m&m trail mix, check, Ahi tuna for tonight's dinner, check, 8 heads of romaine lettuce, check), and I was so all over the place, I couldn't stand it. Indecision was the name of the game. I think I got more exercise there than I have in the past 6 months (ok, maybe the past 2.5 years). Back and forth from one end of that godforsaken store to the other and back again about five times. It's a total drug. I don't know what it was - I felt like I needed to consume. And the samples... the samples! Gorgonzola, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup (I declined - can you believe I declined?), some sort of fake apple cider, garden burgers, beef stew (And you can microwave right in this plastic pouch!, I was told by the poor 73 year old woman who is probably having to work because social security and medicare just aren't cutting it). It's just so much STUFF. Stuff I don't really need, or at least don't really need ten pounds of.

There is seriously nothing minimalist about my life... not one single thing. I'm just as guilty as the rest of em, well, many of them anyway. I do bring my own grocery bags to the store, recycle paper, glass and plastic. But I don't compost and I have used disposable diapers for all three kids... working on my second landfill as I type. But it all felt so ick. So many things that we just don't need.

note to self: I should be shopping at New Seasons in the bulk food aisle with recycled plastic produce bags.

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