Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Am I all set?

So when I changed Ellie's pull-up (aka glorified diaper, because the girl rarely poops in the potty these days), she said two things that make me REALLY think she's ready to be potty trained.

"Wow, mommy, that is a colossal poop." To be completely fair, we at one point had used a rating system of poop size, based on a carton of mandarin oranges we had - "Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo and Colossal," so she had heard it before, but please. (I won't comment on the fact that we had a poop rating system, other to say that with preemie twins, one of whom had a pooping issue, there has always been a LOT of talk about poop at our house).

The second thing she said, after I cleaned up her gross colossal poop, was, "Okay, mommy, am I all set?"

Give a girl a break, would ya? Yes, you're all set.

"Do you think you could go poop on the potty next time?" I asked, smiling encouragingly.

"No-ooooo," she said with a nasal laugh, as though that were the silliest thing she's heard today.

So how does one potty train a kid who is so independent, so willful, and clearly wanting to do it on her terms?

Oh, yeah, and with a twin brother who has ZERO interest in going to the potty, and a four month old to take care of, and only one accessible bathroom, which is upstairs?

Any thoughts are welcome.

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